Eurythmics 80s

Eurythmics – Thorn In My Side

Eurythmics’ fourth appearance on the blog is this song that reached UK#5 in October.It was back for one last visit to the chart, at #100 on this day in the 80s, and was their last of five top 5 hits from ’83 – ’86.

In the US it reached #68, their 9th of 13 top 75 hits from ’83-’89.


I should have known better

Today’s stats show the top 10 blog entries from 2016 that peaked the lowest in the chart:

1 Red Box – Walk Walk (Did not chart)
2 XTC – Grass (Reached #100)
3=ELO – Getting To The Point (#97)
3=Mike Berry & Wendy Richard – Come Outside (#97)
5 Joy Division – The Peel Sessions (#96)
6 UFO – Night Run (#94)
7 Daryl Hall – I Wasn’t Born Yesterday (#93)
8 Suzy And The Red Stripes – Seaside Woman (#90)
9=Balaam And The Angel – Slow Down (#87)
9=Kissing The Pink – Never Too Late To Love You (#87)


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