The Hollies 80s

The Hollies – The Air That I Breathe

They had had a massive hit earlier in ’88 with an old song, so they were trying again with one, but they couldn’t repeat the feat.

It was a UK#2 and US#6 the first time round in ’74, and it got back to #60 in the 80s. It was their 32nd of 33 top 75 hits from ’63-’93.

Can’t think of anything I need

For day 2 of stats week, here are the top 10 artists with most appearances on the blog so far:

1  Madonna (14 appearances)
2 A-ha (12)
3= Prince (11)
3= Erasure
5= Five Star (10)
5= Pet Shop Boys
5= Huey Lewis And The News
8= Eurythmics (9)
8= The Smiths
8= Whitney Houston

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